My Carry On Bags for Photography- My Travel Gear Go Bags that Never Leave Me by Jason Lanier

Join world traveling photographer Jason Lanier as he shares the carry on bags that he takes with him on every shoot…his “go bags.” PLEASE SHARE, LEAVE A COMMENT, THUMBS UP, AND SUBSCRIBE!

This was filmed as a Part 2 where Jason first detailed his 10 Things Every Person Should Know Before They Travel, Especially Photographers. If you missed Part 1 please click below:

People are asking the purposes of bringing this gear…it is as such:

A7Rii for stills and 4k,
A7sii for video and low light photography
A7ii’s for B roll footage/production shots,

If I have an extra body and I can take it, I’d prefer to transport a lens attached to a camera since the bodies are so small. In a pinch if I needed to grab a shot, it’s a lot better if the lens is already attached.

Also what some other photogs may not really understand is that I almost always have assistants with me shooting production shots. I’ll hand them one of my cameras with a card so I know the gear is solid rather than them bringing their own (regardless of make I don’t know other people’s gear).

I’ll also routinely have camera bodies in here with the anticipation of doing comparison videos on Youtube. So for example, this video had the A7s and the A7sii. Why? Because I’m planning on doing a comparison video between the two. My bags aren’t packed for the average use photographer…they are packed for someone who shoots and also produces Youtube videos, something the vast majority of photographers don’t do.

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