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DIY Drawstring Bag

Few things are worse than spending money on clothing, and then being forced to get rid of it if it gets ruined or simply doesn’t fit anymore. Why not save a little money and have some fun by repurposing some old t-shirts into something useful that you can still use? This DIY drawstring tote bag is a great way to take shirts you no longer wear and make them into something you’ll use all the time. While it might not be sturdy enough to carry school books in, this is the perfect tote bag for any vacation you’re taking this summer. And, of course, it’s great for every day use as well. Watch the video to learn how to make the cutest tote bag you’ll ever use! A lofty promise, but we’re feeling pretty confident about it.

Any Shirt, Any Size
Fabric that Compliments Your Shirt
Ruler & Writing Utensil
Sewing Pins
Safety Pins
Needle & Thread
2 Pieces of Cording (2 Yards Long Each)

Step 1:Cut Shirt Front & Back
Step 2: Add Matching Fabric
Step 3: Create Cording Tunnels
Step 4 Connect Shirt Pieces Together
Step 5: Add in Cording
Step 6: Sew in Bottom Cording

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